First class medical attention in Coronado

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Hospital Clinic San Fernando

A new private hospital at Coronado, the San Fernando Clinic Coronado, is offering first class medical attention outside of Panama City. Its facility is located on Roberto Eisenmann Avenue opposite to the Coronado Equestrian Club and offers radiology, tomography (CAT), ultrasound, clinical laboratory, general dentistry, ophthalmology, medical consultations, emergency room and pharmacy among their many services.

Medical consultations are available for patients who want to monitor their health near their country residence by way of a general inquiry. The hospital only requires a specialist make the appointment.

The San Fernando Hospital Clinic’s Emergency Room (adults and pediatric) provides emergency medical treatment with a highly trained staff and modern equipment. It meets patients’ needs 24 hours a day with a highly trained medical staff as well and the latest life support technology for children and adults.

The San Fernando Hospital Clinic is projected to grow to other areas outside the capital. It is open Monday to Friday 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 pm. For more information call 305-6300 ext. 8004 or visit


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