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Panama’s best burgers

PonchaloDoble_fmtWhile the official Burger Week celebrations are taking place in City restaurants, our readers have answered our call to let us know about their favorite burger joints. The Visitor shares our findings.

Ponchalos in Las Tablas (Facebook.com/Ponchalos) surprised us with their loyal following. In a town of only 9000, they have managed to generate the support of 13,000 followers through their Facebook page. Their most popular plate? The “Ponchalos dobles,” a double patty burger that weighs in with a whopping 1 lb. of meat.

The Balboa Yacht Club (Facebook.com/BalboaYachtClubPTY) in Amador did not disappoint with their down-home comfort food at the mouth of Canal. An assortment of fresh meat burgers are grilled to perfection, juicy, hearty, and great with a beer.

Another contender comes from an unlikely source: Popeye’s Chicken (Facebook.com/PopeyesPanama). Known for their Louisiana-style fried chicken, they also serve delicious chicken burgers, both in original and spicy flavors, either choice perfect with their Cajun fries.

The undisputed winner of our informal poll (drum roll, please) is the burger from XS Memories. (Facebook.com/XSMemories.DennisSheila) located in Santa Clara. Proprietor Sheila has a dedicated customer base who turned out in droves to show their support for her hospitality and most excellent burger.

The Visitor would like to thank all those who took part in our informal (and hopefully, fun) poll. Be on the look-out for the in-depth, feature articles we will be sharing on these stand-out establishments throughout the year.


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