An amusement park in Panama?

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Pag 2_fmtAn amusement park chain is planning to open its newest venue in Panama. The name of operator, location and the start of the construction are still unknown, according to Jesús Sierra, the new Panama Tourism Authority Administrator, in an interview with Panama News Agency.

He added that the name of the chain and the site of the park will soon be announced. Sierra said during his interview with the Panama News Agency, that the government has had conversations with one of the big companies from the United States, but could not reveal more until their executives arrive in the country however he emphasised that the company is an important and experienced player that will help to develop this business in Panama. The United States has a several renowned parks such as Disney World and Six Flags (which is also is in Mexico).

Sierra said: “We are going to have a theme park. The location is under study by the U.S. group.” A few weeks ago, the Panama Chamber of Tourism president, Jaime Campuzano, highlighted the importance of the country having an amusement park, as it will increase the number of tourists.

Several years ago, in 2009, the Disney Company announced plans to build a park near Coronado but they were quashed when residents of the area started to complain about the traffic problems the park would cause.


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