Internet grocery shopping

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Online shopping has taken the world by storm and in Europe and the United States is a common practice. However, Panama is in its infancy with regard to this way of acquiring food and other items. New Earth Panama S.A. has a new website that allows you to order local produce, coffee, and fish from the comfort of your own home and they deliver, no matter where you live.

New Earth Panama S.A. is the first online farmer’s market located in Panama City. They have special arrangements with local growers to supply them with organic fruit and vegetables, which might not have certification but are guaranteed to be free of pesticides and chemicals.

José David Nieto, one of the forces behind New Earth, said that they receive orders from all over the country and their inventory will depend on what is in season at a particular time.

“Ordering is easy. You select what you want from our website and give your address. We deliver it to you and payment is made by cash or check. Normally, we send the items headed to the interior by bus or if you are on the islands, by boat,” said Nieto.

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