Ten-year-old surfer hopes to compete internationally

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World surfing competition hopeful, Isauro Elizondo, from Santa Catalina.

World surfing competition hopeful, Isauro Elizondo, from Santa Catalina.

Ten-year old Isauro Elizondo from Santa Catalina hopes to compete in the prestigious East Coast Surfing Championship (ECSC) August 17-24 in Virginia Beach, Virginia, U.S.A. Many of the world’s top surfers have competed in this event and consider it a springboard to a professional surfing career.

“Most of Panama’s surfing community is aware of Isauro’s talent and many feel, as I do, that this boy has the potential to become a world-class surfer given the opportunity,” said Juan Jimenez, surfboard shaper and owner of BOAsurfboards.com.

“I’d really like to see some of the good people in Panama’s surfing community step up to support this kid; especially some of the large surf-oriented corporations operating in Panama,” he said.

“You know, at his age, being able to obtain an official surfboard company sticker or article of clothing means a lot,” explained Jimenez. “Isauro has to earn that, and by competing in the ECSC he will have that chance.

“Isauro wrote me a letter asking for sponsorship support when he was six years old,” said Jimenez. “Since then I have been supplying him with boards, contest fees and other limited means of support. I am amazed at this kid’s skill level. He’s a very good amateur with a lot of potential as a professional surfer.”

About the competition

ECSC is the second longest running surfing competition event in the world,” said Javier Elizondo, Isauro’s father. “The longest running one is Bells Beach Surfing competition in Australia. The ECSC is an amateur and professional contest that will definitely be covered by the media. Isauro is going to see kids his age who have more media name-recognition in other countries. He will be able to see what might be available to him in competitive surfing.”

The East Coast Surfing Championship takes place in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

The East Coast Surfing Championship takes place in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

According to Jimenez: “Isauro will be competing in three different events against kids his age that are top-level surfers. This is going to give him a chance to see if he is worthy of sponsorship from the perspective of the big companies.”

“Isauro makes surfing look easy. He’s smooth, he links his turns and he reads the waves really well,” said Javier. “Older and experienced surfers often comment on his motor skills. People will say to me, ‘hey, look at how your kid looks down the line before he stands up!’ That level of awareness is not common in people his age.”

Javier explains: “Isauro has really good flow between these maneuvers. He doesn’t look stiff or like he’s forcing one thing into the next, and that’s not easy to do. It takes years and years to master that level of surfing. The ECSC event is just right around the corner, and it would be great if he were to get a sponsor or multiple sponsors that could fund his trip so he can participate. It would be amazing!” said Javier.

“I think it would be a great opportunity for the Panama business community to rally behind this talented young athlete whose trip to compete will be a defining moment in his life and a source of national pride for Panama,” added Jimenez.

To sponsor Isauro, contact Javier Elizondo at 6544-1806 or Juan Jimenez at 270-7311.


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