Tourist arrivals to Panama continues to increase in 2014

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The number of tourists who came to Panama from January to May 2014, that is to say in the first five months of the year, amounted to 1,600,000 people, a figure that approaches the total 2.2 million who entered in 2013.

According to Moises Veliz, president of the Tourism Commission of the Panamanian Association of Company Executives (APEDE) and former executive of the Panamanian flagship airline, COPA, if this trend continues, the number of entries to the country will far surpass the figure established last year, possibly exceeding 3 million visitors, which is almost the same number of inhabitants in the entire country.

According to executives from the Panama’s Tourism Authority (ATP), with last year’s arrival of 2.2 million visitors, $3.3 billion were contributed to the Panamanian economy, meeting the goal set by the government in terms of influx of currency and visitors.

According to official 2013 figures, the percentage of growth in terms of money spent by tourists in Panama increased by 7.9%, $241,800,000 more in comparison with 2012 for a total of $3,066,000 million.


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