Line 2 is on the way

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The new Line 2 of the Metro will have 16 elevated stations, measure 21 kilometers and benefit more than half a million people. The construction of the project, which will cost $2 billion, will start on January 2015.

The President of the Republic, Juan Carlos Varela said on Monday, September 15 that the tender proposals will be put online on the web site The line will go from San Miguelito to the Nuevo Tocumen neighborhood.

Carlos Dubois, Goals Secretary of the Presidency Ministry said that the line will pass through the Domingo Diaz Way, works which are about to finish, later widening to three lanes towards the Tocumen International Airport.

Currently, the Goals Secretariat together with the Presidency is evaluating the process for the environmental impact studies and the infrastructure to start the tendering process. One important aspect of Line 2 is that it will not have tunnels, but an elevated viaduct that will go over the existent vehicular bridges.

Roberto Roy, the Metro Executive Secretary, said that the new train line will have an initial capacity to transport 15,000 passengers per hour in each direction by 2019 and in the future more than 30,000.

According to the projections the operations will start with 27 trains with four carriers each and the maximum will be five wagons. Ten hectares will be dedicated to workshops and train yard.

One point of contention is that the plans do not contemplate a station at the Tocumen International Airport, which could have benefited visitors to the country.

It is expected that Line 2 will be finished in 2017.


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