Reflections of the Canal

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Photography brings focus to the historic waterway

Photo by Ananeth del C. González B.

Photo by Ananeth del C. González B.

Panama’s Photography Club presents their latest group show entitled “Reflections of the Canal,” bringing their members’ work to the public at Multiplaza Mall from Monday, August 11 – Sunday, August 17. The show, which takes place near the Panafoto store, features more than 32 images which, in addition to commemorating the Canal’s centennial, were all produced using the High dynamic range (HDR) technique.

High dynamic range imaging, referred to as HDR or HDRI, is a set of imaging techniques which produces a greater range of luminosity than is possible using standard methods. HDR images can depict a higher range of luminance levels than is found in real-world scenes, such as the case with faint nebulae millions of light years away.

The subject of the show of course, is the Panama Canal, which will be depicted in all its detail thanks to the HDR technique which also creates interesting contrasts and light effects and makes some of the images appear as paintings.

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