The Canal’s Centennial Gala Show

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Rubén Blades.

Rubén Blades.

On Friday, August 15 at 8 p.m. the “Canal’s Centennial Gala Show” will be broadcast on television across the Isthmus transmitting from Plaza Figali. The event will bring together more than 150 of Panama’s top exponents of culture and the arts on one stage to celebrate the 100 years of the first transit through the historic waterway that has inexorably shaped the destiny of the country and its people.

According to Jorge Luis Quijano, Canal administrator, “This spectacle will impress itself on the memory of all Panamanians because it unites multiple artistic expressions and brings together all the country’s talent to create an unforgettable moment to mark a historic date.”

The concept behind the event is to present four acts on the 120-feet of the Plaza Figali stage, the largest platform built for televised events in the country. The four acts present in chronological order the dream, passion and effort of thousands of men and women who achieved one of humanity’s greatest goals, the uniting of two oceans and what it meant for Panama to assume the reins of the Canal.

An original score has been prepared by David Choy, the renowned composer who will be joined with Danilo Pérez along with singers Rubén Blades, Sandra Sandoval, Yomira John, Ricardo and Alberto Gaitán and Gretel Garibaldi, among others.

Presentations will be given by Panama’s National Ballet, Gramo Dance, the musical group A Tuta Voce, the Ricaurte Villareal percussion band and the Musicalion Philharmonic. The hosts for the evening include a veritable who’s who of local personalities such as the painter Olga Sinclair, the singer-songwriter Omar Alfanno and the Panamanian sports hero, Roberto “Hands of Stone” Durán.


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