Digging for musical gold

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Left to right: Etienne Dosne, Alban Le Creurer and Benoit Malphettes of “We Are Gold Diggers.”

A trio of French men has arrived to Panama to search for undiscovered musical gems. They call themselves “We Are Gold Diggers” and their journey, which starts here, consists of an itinerary that will take them across five continents over the next 16 months. They are looking to find “atypical musicians” influenced by their country’s culture who create original work by bringing to bear contemporary styles from genres such as hip-hop to pop. They will be in Panama until Saturday, October 25.

We Are Gold Diggers are currently holding open auditions for solo acts or bands of no more than five musicians. Interested parties need only submit two audio samples of original compositions and / or a video in which the musical act can be clearly seen playing. Submissions should be directed to Contact@WeAreGoldDiggers.fr.

The trio will select ten of the best acts to take part in a final, public audition that is scheduled for Friday, October 10 at Onplog in Casco Antiguo starting at 7 p.m. Based on the audience response, only one winner will go on to receive promotion on the Gold Diggers’ crowdfunding website where the people can pledge assistance to help support their favorite musicians and singers.

While the activity is a not-for-profit event, the participants will benefit from exposure via video, photography and audio recordings on the team’s website, WeAreGoldDiggers.fr. Additionally, each winner’s presentation will be broadcast on France’s famous Radio Nova.

For more information on this unique opportunity, search for “We Are Gold Diggers” on Facebook and Instagram, or “@Wagd” on Twitter.


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