Isthmian Update – Some of the news in Panama

Irregularities in Tocumen concession

Irregularities in the granting of concessions have forced the international airport operator, Tocumen SA, to request an affidavit from shareholders and partners of companies doing business in the terminal. The airport administration issued a circular on October 8 requiring details of the names of the beneficial owners of the companies. The deadline for submitting information is no later than five working days from the notification date of the circular. This means that the companies had until October 13 to comply.

Moncada Luna accused of delaying tactics

Supreme Court judge, Alejandro Moncada Luna, who is being investigated for illicit enrichment, on October 12, lodged five legal resources, of which three must be addressed by his colleagues in the Supreme Court. The National Bar Association described these actions as delaying tactics. A provisional seizure order on two properties belonging to the judge has been filed before the Public Registry by deputy Pedro Miguel Gonzalez, the prosecutor in the proceedings against Moncada Luna. The appeal requests that the two apartments purchased by the magistrate for $1.7 million, be put under the custody of the Ministry of Economy and Finance until the end of the evaluation being conducted by the National Assembly

Ebola precautions a concern

The Ministry of Health of Panama now has a full outline of the preventive measures that need to be taken in hospitals, airports and border areas to prevent the entry of ebola into the country. The transit of undocumented African immigrants from South America through the Darien jungle to the United States has Panamanian authorities concerned, as well as that of tourist arrivals by air and sea.

Conep recommends retaliatory measures against Colombia

The National Council of Private Enterprise (Conep) recommended to the government of President Juan Carlos Varela a series of retaliatory measures against Colombia for including Panama on a list of tax havens. They suggest suspension of the Treaty of Monteria, under which Panama gives preferential Panama Canal treatment to the ships of the Colombian State; charging a tax on all remittances sent from Panama to Colombia; the application of a tariff for all products that are imported from Colombia to Panama; cancellation of the interconnection to buy energy from Colombia; and not even think about opening the road through the Darien Gap.

Ruben Blades to run in next presidential election

The popular Panamanian singer, Ruben Blades, announced yesterday that he aims to be an independent presidential candidate in the elections of 2019. “If my health remains and if I have the arguments, I will run as an independent,” Blades told TVN Channel 2, adding that if his aspirations materialize, he will dedicate himself to a full and efficient political career. “I want to return political issues to the seriousness they deserve in Panama,” said the musical star.

First ferry voyage to Colombia

On October 27, the ferry, “Ferry Express”, with capacity for 1,320 passengers, will set out on its first trip from Colón to Cartagena, Colombia. The journey, which will start from the port of Colón 2000, will last approximately 18 hours and will cost $99. The voyage to Colombia will take place twice a week, and the ship will have the ability to carry 500 cars and 20 containers as well as passengers.


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