The new, fun way to stay in shape

Dany Zambrano, founder of Baileactivo.

Dany Zambrano, founder of Baileactivo.

“Baileactivo” is a new dance-fitness craze in Panama inspired by contemporary dance, experimental theater and the performing arts. Unlike other methods of exercise, Baileactivo focuses on having a positive attitude, and stresses the physical and mental well-being of participants to improve their quality of life and self-esteem. Created in Spain, the exercise has caught on in Italy, Saudi Arabia, Portugal, Chile, Venezuela, Argentina and now Panama, with Colombia soon on the horizon. In October, certified Baileactivo trainers held a clinic in Panama for the first time to get people excited about getting in shape in this novel fashion.

“We work through visual means, adding gestures and voice. Our practice focuses not just on doing basic repetitive motions, but uses the body in its entirety to achieve a psychotherapeutic effect,” explained Dany Zambrano, Baileactivo founder.

The participants of the clinic were trained over the course of three days, combining theory and practice with 10 monitored exercise sessions. All certified Baileactivo instructors are periodically evaluated to ensure they are using correct teaching practices. Currently, there are more than 160 instructors of the technique in the world.

A Baileactivo session can accommodate any physical condition or age. Their videos range from three to 10 minutes in length, and include gentle stretching to intensive cardio. Classes will soon be available at local gyms, but for now, videos can easily found online on Youtube or


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