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Panama’s “Early Music Festival”

Fernando Bustos, the celebrated soprano, will perform in the festival.

Fernando Bustos, the celebrated soprano, will perform in the festival.

A festival that renders tribute to the historic and ancient music from both Europe and Latin America comes to Panama next week, November 17 – 23. The “Festival de Música Antigua” (Early Music Festival) celebrates the rich and diverse European musical traditions as they evolved from the end of the fifteenth century when they began to arrive to America.

The festival’s concert program will be complemented by courses led by the Baroque Music Academy geared towards young musicians and taking place at the Fine Arts Faculty at the University of Panama.

Performances will be held in the churches of the Old Town (Casco Antiguo) in Panama City, the Metropolitan Cathedral and the Oratory of St. Philip Neri, as well as the Athenaeum in the City of Knowledge. The educational programs and training workshops will take place at the University of Panama.

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Mon / 17 Nov

Gala Inaugural – 20:00 Ateneo. Ciudad del Saber

Fernando Bustos Ensamble con Forma Antiqva

La Música Colonial en América del Sur

Tue / 18 Nov

Ateneo. Ciudad del Saber – 20:00

La Real Cámara con Raquel Andueza

Músicas de Ida y Vuelta; Repertorio repetido a ambos lados del océano

Dirección: Emilio Moreno

Wed / 19 Nov

Catedral Metropolitana – 20:00


Música colonial de los S. XIII al XVI

Thu /  20 Nov

Catedral Metropolitana – 20:00

Horacio Franco y el Ensamble de Cappella Barroca de México

Obras del Barroco Temprano; Tarquinio Merula, Francesco Turini, Marcin Mielcewsky y Vivaldi

Dirección y flautas: Horacio Franco



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