Ferry Xpress

The entertaining way to travel

By Sarah de Guandique

From the moment you enter the Colón 2000 port it is impossible not to notice the massive blue and white ship anchored by the shore. The Ferry Xpress brings European charm to the beautiful waters of Panama’s Atlantic side, riding the Caribbean coast all the way to Colombia.

ferry xpress_fmt

The crew is a gregarious, smiling bunch, all attentive to one’s needs, making the trip even more enjoyable. Three restaurants are located on the 7th floor, all with breathtaking views of the ocean and offering a wide variety of Caribbean and Tuscan food such as paninis and handmade pizzas.

Besides being a means of convenient transportation, the ferry offers attractions normally found on larger cruise ships. Every night passengers may enjoy a variety of shows, from live bands to comedians, all making the journey as pleasant as possible.

The ship also features a casino with new machines. Buying a souvenir is easy at the well-stocked “Duty Free” shop, where you find everything from imported cigarettes to fine lotions, all tax free.

There are several options for travel, including first-class suites, double and quadruple rooms and comfortable yet affordable seats.

Bocas del Toro

Bocas del Toro

To relax outdoors, head to one of the four decks equipped with chairs for sunbathing where you can listen to the waves lapping on the hull. Enjoy a tasty tropical cocktail at the outdoor bar with the wake behind the boat as a backdrop. The excitement continuous once in Bocas del Toro. You must first take a boat or “water taxi” to get to any of the islands that dot the coast.

One of the main objectives of the ferry is to help the local economy, which is being achieved with the increased number of tourists to the area, all of whom contribute to the businesses in the community. Visitors can arrange travel by mini-bus through the winding roads surrounded by lush vegetation that lead to white-sand beaches such as Bocas del Drago. From there, you can hire boats to reach Playa Estrella, Isla de los Pájaros and other beautiful destinations, all at reasonable costs.

Ferry Xpress is more than a mode of transportation. It will surely add fun to your trip fun from the very start.


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