MICI’s plan to promote foreign capital investment

Melitón Arrocha, Minister of Commerce and Industry.

Melitón Arrocha, Minister of Commerce and Industry.

Panama’s Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MICI) has re-launched a program that promotes foreign investment of capital and export of goods. The program is administered by Proinvex, an agency working under the auspices of the MICI and headed by Ronald Maschkowski.

According to Maschkowski, Proinvex works as a “one-stop-shop” for multinationals considering bringing capital investment to Panama. As such, the agency provides assessment to investors about the country’s special economic zones, such as Panama Pacífico and the City of Knowledge. They facilitate connections with all government agencies and are ready to explain the many incentives that are available.

Among their many success stories are BMW, Unilever, Human Diagnostics Worldwide and Drägen. BAM, Holland’s largest construction company, and Caprichos del Ángel, a Venezuelan food manufacturer, recently took advantage of the agency’s services resulting in both having set-up operations within the country’s borders.

Proinvex’ focus for 2015 includes promoting Panama’s agro-industrial sector, energy, logistics, financial services and technology. Plans are already underway to hold “Executive Luncheons” and “Panama Invest” conferences in six key markets across the globe.

The re-launching of the Proinvex agency’s programs is a way for the Varela administration to create more jobs for Panamanians by attracting foreign investment. According to Melitón Arrocha, Minister of Commerce and Industry, “A company’s success is defined by its location. Panama is the vantage point towards Latin America and the Caribbean, a place where challenges become opportunities.”

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