Ruben Blades gets “Intimate”

ruben 2_fmtRuben Blades was born in the neighborhood of San Felipe in Panama City to a family where art occupied a privileged place. His parents are the Colombian-born, Ruben Blades Bosques, and the Cuban-born, Anoland Bellido de Luna. From a young age, Blades was in direct contact with music as his mother played piano and sang and his father was percussionist. His style has been described as “intellectual salsa” and in many countries he is known as the “poet of salsa.”

His songs have achieved great popularity around the world and he is considered one of the most successful and prolific songwriters in Latin America.

On Thursday, November 27 Ruben will give a concert to a limited-sized audience at Latitude 47, where he will once again play with Roberto Delgado & Orchestra.

Tickets are on sale through


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