The charm of Casco Antiguo

Casco Antiguo, Panama City’s Old Town, is also called Casco Viejo or San Felipe. It is known by some as the “walking neighborhood.” Frequent visitors of Casco Antiguo will soon notice that one always meets the same people, making the neighborhood a friendly place to come back to. A morning coffee at Casa Sucre, served with a smile and friendly “hi, how are you” can turn into a conversation with another visitor hearing English spoken.

The gastronomical and nightlife scene brings people to Casco during the week and even more on weekends when the area becomes vibrant, colorful and filled with people enjoying a good time. Peruvian ceviche can be enjoyed at Ego y Narciso, Italian pizza at Dolce Idea, gourmet burgers at Las Clementinas and a steak at Puerta de Tierra. For a glass of wine, DiVino is the place to be. Micro brewed beer is served at La Rana Dorada and for drinks Mojitos sin Mojitos or Barlovento offer a great ambiance. Nightlife can be enjoyed at Villa Augustina, Relic or on the rooftop terrace of Tantalo Hotel.

The architectural and cultural heritage of Casco Antiguo also contributes to its charm. Architectural influences from France, Spain and the United States are clearly apparent. To make sure families who have been living in the area can continue living there despite increasing rent prices, there are affordable housing projects.


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