Bocas TV

The voice of the community

visitor20-48_Page_17_Image_0003Bocas TV began broadcasting in mid-August 2001, when its founder, Juan Vasquez Bent, took the initiative to create a channel to keep the Bocas del Toro town abreast of current information. The channel originally became popular under the name “Channel 18 / Cable Chicho TV.” At first there were three programs: “Acontecer Bocatoreño,” “Explosión Bocatoreña” and the news show, “Eslabón Bocatoreño.”

Live broadcasts soon became a regular feature. Events covered include the Carnival, the “Fiestas Patrias” parades, La Feria del Mar and other important activities taking place in the province.

Formerly the channel could only be enjoyed in Bocas Town (the capital of Bocas del Toro) and through the internet. Today, the signal reaches Changuinola on the mainland, providing versatile local programming that includes news, culture, entertainment and sports.


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