The ATP in the news

Panama’s Tourism Authority (ATP) has been working arduously to promote the country’s tourism industry. The agency recently shared a few highlights of its current state of affairs.

The ATP unveiled plans for an investment of about $168,000 for improvements to the historical complex of Panama La Vieja. The announcement was made by Ricardo Sandoval, the Director of Planning and Touristic Development of the ATP. The funds will be used for the installation of tourist facilities within the historical complex, including a rest area that features information about the site and bathrooms. Eight informative signs will be added to the site along its walking paths together with benches, illumination and waste bins.

Finally, the ATP released figures related to traffic in Tocumen International Airport, as reported by the ANPanamá News Agency. According to the study, from January to September of this year, the airport received a total of 1,168,412 visitors who spent a total of $2.55 billion dollars in the country. The number of travelers is higher by 3.9% over last year for a total of 61,392 more people arriving to Panama in 2014. The money spent by tourists this year increased by 5.3% over what was reported for last year. This represents a total of $128 million more dollars over last year, which shows that each additional traveler to Panama this year spent an average of $2100 during their stay.


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