The Holiday survival guide

By Lauren Spicer

Reach for the champagne instead of a cocktail.

Reach for the champagne instead of a cocktail.

The holiday season offers the warmth of family and friends gathering for the festivities to enjoy a variety of rich holiday meals. Some of the food you find at your typical holiday party can cause some serious harm to your health and waistline. Here are a few foods to watch out for during the holidays and some alternatives that will keep you feeling your best this season.

Pecan pie

Pecan pie can contain over 500 calories for just one slice. With 31 grams of fat and over a day’s worth of sugar, it is best to find a sweet and safer alternative.

Pumpkin Pie

Pumpkin Pie is a lighter choice with 185 calories and six grams of fat plus half the amount of carbohydrates that a pecan pie contains.

Sugar cookies

It is not just the sugar in sugar cookies that is a cause for concern. Sugar cookies have nearly 100 calories per cookie, four grams of fat and nine grams of sugar.


A gingerbread cookie offers you a treat with just 61 calories, and around three grams of fat. While it may not be the healthiest thing to eat, it is the better option when you are looking to satisfy your cookie craving.

Gin & Tonic

A gin and tonic is often considered a light cocktail but with 240 calories and 22 grams of sugar, one g&t accounts for nearly your entire recommended intake of sugar.


A little bit of bubbly is a much healthier option. Containing only 100 calories and five grams of sugar, reach for a champagne flute before considering a cocktail.

Lauren is a holistic nutritionist in charge of the So Fresh Café in the Orgánica Stores.


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