Touching the rainbows of Boquete

By Milagros Sánchez Pinzón

A rainbow at Piedra de Lino, Boquete.

A rainbow at Piedra de Lino, Boquete.

A quick and easy place to take an eco-tour is in the urban center of Boquete, province of Chiriquí. Ascents to la Piedra de Lino, a sort of rock tower that rises 1,590 meters above sea level, grant panoramic views of the area.

This is no ordinary volcanic formation. Though part of the hillside is covered by coffee plantations, the property’s owners have kept most of the surrounding virgin forest intact.

When you arrive at the top of Piedra de Lino, if the “bajareque” rain is not misting down, almost all of Boquete’s villages can be seen: Palo Alto, Alto Quiel, Los Ladrillos, El Salto, Alto Boquete, Los Jaramillos and El Santuario.

But the most impressive thing of all is to see the double rainbows that form. Both extremes of this natural phenomenon can be appreciated.