Youth champions of the Las Islas Punta Barco Surf Cup

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Last weekend, Saturday, November 29 and Sunday, November 30, Playa Teta in Punta Barco witnessed the last Discovering Surfing Talents (DTS) youth surf tournament of the year. Winners received Banzaii surfboards during an awards ceremony that was accompanied by musical performances from Nicole Vallarino and the rock group Achus.

During the elimination rounds and quarterfinals, competitors waiting their turn took the initiative to clean Playa Teta from trash that had washed up.

p. 17 SURF3_fmtThe wave conditions were lackluster during the weekend, but as some experts say, “small waves, big moves,” and that is just what José Luis Rodríguez showed during his championship ride.

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DST Surf Cup Champions

A few images of the DST weekend at Playa Teta

A few images of the DST weekend at Playa Teta

Kids Sub 10

Clode Demarsan

Kids Girls

Verónica Demarsan

Kids Sub 12

Romain Aubert

Sub 14

Tao Rodríguez

Sub 16

Tao Rodríguez

Sub 15 Girls

Charlene Aubert

Sub 18

Jose Luis Rodríguez


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