A reader responds

Dear Jack,

First I would like to say that I love your column, always read it in The Visitor. I do have some comments regarding the jubilado discount, and while I agree that some retirees are too aggressive in their demands for a discount, when it is not called for, I also want to note that some restaurants are also very difficult when it comes to giving the discount. I would like to remind everyone that the jubilado discount is dictated by law. The place you mention in Coronado for example inaccurately states that there is no discount if a plate is shared. In my opinion it is their interpretation of “individual consumption.” There is nothing in Law No. 6 for Jubilados and Pensionados that makes any mention of shared meals. So they simply do not want to give the discount. Also, while they make the claim that they generously give us the 25% discount and that they are not reimbursed, please again note, this is required by LAW and furthermore all discounts are deductible from their taxes or “impuestos sobre la renta.” So restaurants that cry ‘boo hoo’ are also wrong, just as the guy who demanded a discount for a hotdog is wrong. For many of us who live on limited incomes, the discount is a great blessing and we should not have to fight for our right to receive it.


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