Commerce takes off in Tocumen International Airport

Each passenger coming through Tocumen spends an average of $53.

Each passenger coming through Tocumen spends an average of $53.

Tocumen International Airport is opening tenders for forty shops in 2015 for which they expect to generate $30 million dollars in rent. According to the latest reports, each passenger coming through Tocumen International Airport spends an average of $53. This high level of expenditure is attracting great interest from a number of companies seeking to position their global markets in Central and South America and the Caribbean markets.

The terminal receives flights from major airlines in Latin America, the United States and Europe, resulting in ease of connection and time savings to travelers. By September of 2014, the airport received about 6.3 million people.

Joseph Fidanque III, the airport’s general manager, said “We will soon have an open, transparent and public process taking place in the commercial area of the current passenger terminal along several new categories; this model will be replicated in the rest of the airports administered by Tocumen SA. We have 40 retail shops that will be rented out next year: 15 in the first six weeks of the year and the remaining 25 spaces will be bid on in the second half of 2015.

The new South Terminal will cost more than $769 million.

The new South Terminal will cost more than $769 million.

“Through the expansion of the terminal we will continue to be at the forefront and improve services for those who arrive here. It will continue to be one of the best connected terminals in the world,” explained Fidanque III.

The airlines operating at Tocumen Airport have managed to capture a larger share of that growth; in the first nine months of 2014, the movement of passengers reached 6,336,395 surpassing by 10.2% the number of people who arrived during the same period of 2013.

About Tocumen International Airport

• Tocumen International Airport is currently one of the busiest passenger transit terminals in Latin America.

• It is recognized as one of the most important airports in the region due to the privileged geographical position of Panama, making it a key component in the field of aviation.

• About $60 million was invested in the airport’s North Terminal, which brought Tocumen 12 new gates. In comparison, the new South Terminal will cost more than $769 million and will be integrated into a new road that will go from the South Corridor to the airport. It will have a new control tower and 8,000 square meters of duty-free shopping space.