Jack’s New Year’s resolutions and un-predictions

Usually at this time of year—the beginning of a new one, like 2015—your pal Jack is in the mood to make some good ol’New Year’s resolutions, usually for other people, who are much in need of improvement.

For example, could taxi cab drivers resolve not to stop next to each and every pedestrian on the sidewalks of Casco Viejo and toot their horn? They’re wondering if you might want a cab. Listen buddy, if I want a taxi, I’ll give you a little wave. I don’t have to be alerted to your presence, like it hadn’t occurred to me that I wanted a ride until you broached the subject. And most people know where to find a cab along the narrow one-way streets, so they don’t need the honk. You’re right there—if I’m looking, I’ll be able to find you.

More than once a pesky cabbie has beeped at me while I’m walking Fluffy. Is the plan really to take my dog and I somewhere? The last couple of times, I tried to get in, but the driver refused my dog. I don’t think going around tooting at fares you intend to refuse needs to continue during this next year.

Most resolutions, however, seem to get forgotten or abandoned (you know—lose 10 pounds by Valentine’s Day) and for some reason, this year, ol’Jack isn’t very optimistic. Remember the canal expansion was going to be completed by the centennial? No point in making a resolution to complete it this new year. I just hope the new locks are in place before they complete that new canal project up in Nicaragua.

And I’m not making predictions either. Who knows what the future holds? I remember when it looked like there was a new anti-corruption administration that was going to clean up the government. Since that didn’t turn out, I can only hope that, this time around, the new guy’s government will continue to wonder out loud how it is possible that people in Italy are being charged with payoffs to Panama, while it seems nobody in Panama was being bought.

I’m not predicting that the city will build a pedestrian bridge to the Fish Market across the Cinta Costera III and stop blocking rush-hour traffic. I’m also not predicting that the highway between Santiago and David will be completed in 2015. And it doesn’t look like the third bridge will even be started this year and so, since thousands of new cars a month are being purchased, it looks like 2015 might not be a year for getting to where you’re going.

Yeah, and I still don’t need a taxi.


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