Summer for children

Sports can impart important values.

Sports can impart important values.

Most students in Panama have begun summer vacation. Hand in hand with that are parents’ concerns to involve their children in constructive activities. Local website,, presents a useful list of the many options available, from workshops and classes, to camps and sports. Following is a small sample of the many activities that are available for your children:

Baseball camp

Heron Baseball Academy returns with their baseball camp for children, including three classes per week, an internal summer league, a clinic with MLB players and closing party. For ages three – 16.

Courses will begin Saturday, January 3 and will be held Tuesdays and Thursdays at 4 p.m. and Saturdays at 9:30 a.m. in City of Knowledge in Clayton. The closing party is scheduled for Saturday, February 28th. For more information, contact Tel. 224-5110 or 6675-8304.

Music is an important part of children’s growth.

Music is an important part of children’s growth.

Music at the AMP

From Monday, January 12 to Tuesday, February 6 the Panama Music Academy (AMP) will impart courses for children ages four to 12 years. Courses include musical theater, singing, piano, drums and guitar.

The AMP is located in San Francisco, Calle 71Este and Calle Los Fundadores. Contact Tel. 392-2324 or 390-4742.

Early year classes with Manuela

A summer course for children from one and a half to four years old. Courses include painting, stories, puppets, music games, exercises, outdoor games and more. Classes are taught Monday through Thursday, beginning January 12 and ending February 12. Classes take place in San Francisco. For more information 270-3932.

p. 29 SUMMER CAMP_fmtEco trips at Little House

A summer camp in El Valle de Anton offering an unforgettable experience for your child. The camp is focused on strengthening confidence, leadership, motivation and self-control. Camps are divided by age group. For children aged nine – 12 years, the first camp session begins on Thursday, January 8 and lasts through Sunday, January 11. The second camp session begins Thursday, January 22 and lasts through Monday, January 26. For children between 13 and 15 years, the first camp will begin on Monday, January 15 ending on Thursday, January 18. The second camp begins Monday, January 29 and lasts through Thursday, February 1. For more information contact Tel. 236-0466 or 6577-8941.