700K people have visited AIG Street View Panama

A screen shot of Panama Viejo on the AIG site

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Virtual tours of Panama are now easily accessible from your smart phone, tablet or computer. An estimated 700,000 people have already visited AIG Street View Panama, a website that allows visitors to take online tours of the country, said the National Authority on Government Innovation (AIG). The site is accessed at: “311panama.maps.arcgis.com” where the “AIG Street View” link is located.

A screen shot of Panama Viejo on the AIG site

A screen shot of Panama Viejo on the AIG site.

Engineer Anabel de Tapia, Director of Architecture Technology of AIG, indicated that the website contains thousands of 360° images taken from the heart of Panama City all the way to Penonomé, in the province of Coclé.

The specialist explained that due to the success of the virtual platform, AIG is now working with Panama’s Tourism Authority (ATP) to create the “Panama Virtual Agenda 2015,” a program that encourages nationals and foreigners who wish to learn about the country prior to arrival, to take virtual tours via the internet.

To capture the images, AIG used a hybrid vehicle with a camera mounted on its hood that will eventually travel across the entire country, generating maps as it goes. The car carries both the AIG logo and a yellow “Solo Para Uso Oficial” (For Official Use Only) identifier.


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