Rock climbing in Boquete with an extreme sportsman

“I climb to find myself.” -Cesar Augusto Melendez

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By Rubén Ulloa

On a “slackline” above the Cangilones de Gualaca

On a “slackline” above the Cangilones de Gualaca.

It is almost impossible to describe the incredible skills of Cesar Melendez, a young Panamanian resident of Boquete, Chiriquí who is a renowned tour guide both nationally and beyond. This computer systems engineer is the founder of the Panama Rock Climbing Club, a tight rope walking specialist and an accredited mountain climbing instructor and competitor with international certification who has experience of climbing in the Swiss Alps, Italy, France, Germany, the USA and Panama.

“I climb to find myself.” -Cesar Augusto Melendez

“I climb to find myself.” -Cesar Augusto Melendez.

Those wishing to explore the heights of Volcan Baru from the town of Boquete need look no further. Cesar also leads excursions to the brick-like rock formations of Bajo Mono, trips to the river-carved canyon of Cangilones de Gualaca and rapel descents down the face of the Jä Wäkta cascade.

For more information visit the Boquete Mountain Safari offices located next to the Establos de Boquete, call Tel. 6764-7918 or visit


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