High risers for affordable housing

CORE Architect’s eclectic and creative Fashion House in Toronto

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By Marijulia Pujol Lloyd

An innovative Canadian construction company is contemplating investing in Panama with a new concept for moderate cost housing within the city. CORE Architects Inc., an award-winning group of architects and interior designers based in Toronto, Canada, wants to bring its unique skyscrapers concept that blends affordable prices and comfortable urban living which is kind to the environment as well as being aesthetically pleasing.

CORE Architect’s eclectic and creative Fashion House in Toronto

CORE Architect’s eclectic and creative Fashion House in Toronto.

Babak Eslahjou, one of CORE’s senior partners, told The Visitor that its skyscrapers are the perfect solution for affordable housing in the middle of the city, where derelict areas and small irregular lots can be used to create buildings capable of being a micro community, with shops, restaurants, bars, parking places, recreational areas, plazas and street access without compromising safety and security.

“Panama has areas like that in the city center where this concept can work very well, allowing the population to stay in town, without having to go to the suburbs in search of an affordable home,” explained Eslahjou. Referring to the suburban sprawl to both the east and west of Panama City, he said: “A neighborhood consisting of hundreds of houses require more services such as schools, police and fire stations, aqueducts, roads and sewers to name a few. High risers are the answer. You have to go up to maximize the amount of people who can live in a small area,” said Eslahjou.

“In effect, low story buildings create two different classes. However, with a high riser it is possible to buy a small apartment at a reasonable price and it goes hand in hand with the community. We figure out how a building can connect one street with another, creating at the same time a safe environment.”

Eslahjou added that Panama City is an exciting place to visit and live and that is one of the reasons why his company is looking for partners to initiate housing projects here. For more information visit www.corearchitects.com.


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