The art of cayuco, showcased

Chris Huebsch being filmed by ABN theNET-WORKS at Casa del Soldado

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At the Spanish Cultural Center

On-the-Water by Ilene Little

By Ilene Little

The XXI Iberoamerican Design exhibit at the Spanish Cultural Center of Spain (Casa del Soldado) is showcasing the work of young designers through a display of tablets, monitors and camera screens, arranged to establish direct contact between visitors and creators. The show features cayuco paddle design from local artist and cayuco-aficionado, Christopher Huebsch.

The “Christopher H & Cayuco Culture” video installation, produced by ABN theNET-WORKS, can be viewed at the Cultural Center until Sunday, May 10. The video can also be seen online through

Chris Huebsch being filmed by ABN theNET-WORKS at Casa del Soldado

Chris Huebsch being filmed by ABN theNET-WORKS at Casa del Soldado.

For Huebsch, bridging the distance between artist and athlete was not such a stretch. He made his name in the world of cayuco racing as a competitor who won the world-renowned Ocean-to-Ocean Cayuco Race five times, came in second place twice, and continues to compete annually. He is also famous for his boat and paddle designs. “I worked for an art sculptor as a personal assistant for about six years and always had as a personal goal to do my own art pieces but never thought I’d end up doing it for the Cayuco Culture,” said Huebsch. “It was a neat experience, an honor and I’m super happy to be part of it.”

Huebsch’s functional paddle designs are sought-after by contestants of the Ocean-to-Ocean Cayuco Race seeking to achieve their best personal times. The artistic paddles are often displayed like trophies on the walls of racers, prominently displayed as works of art and badges of honor.

Every paddle tells a story of a competitor’s personal endurance and carries with it the right-of-passage into the world of competitive cayuco racing. A Huebsch-designed paddle pays homage to cayuco traditions depicted with beauty and craftsmanship.

When a paddle is not just a paddle

Owning a hand-crafted paddle is a mark of distinction. The paddle defines the owner as someone who “knows a thing or two” about paddling and has endured a lengthy physical and emotional regimen, participating in the qualifying races leading up to the yearly grand event.

Do not miss this year’s Ocean-to-Ocean Race, March 27 – 29. For more details visit


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