Woody’s Beach Bar forges ahead

Woody’s also hosts many activities throughout the week

Canadian owners solve security problem in Farallón

They’re not going anywhere. That’s right. The new owners of Woody’s Beach Bar, Debbie Ralphs and Theresa Ellison have announced that reports that they might be leaving are not true. As Debbie explained, “We had been robbed three times and so yes it was scary. But, the guys have been arrested and they’re behind bars where they’re going to stay for a long while.” The same individuals had committed the crimes more than once.

Woody’s also hosts many activities throughout the week

Woody’s also hosts many activities throughout the week.

In a joint release, both Ralphs and Ellison announced “We are not selling and are pushing forward. That is to be credited to the wonderful support from the expats living here in Panama. The expats, especially Rob Brown of The Panama Helpline assisted us as he put us in touch with a detective agency, who did their own investigation and solved the case. Rob did the media side which put pressure here in Panama. We now have 30 additional police in the Farallon area and we have caught the individuals responsible.”

In fact the argument could be made that the entire Farallon area, which is very near the new Rio Hato Airport and the Royal Decameron Hotel complex is much safer with the much enhanced police presence that includes cops on ATVs patrolling the beach. One of the few restaurants and bars actually on the beach anywhere in Panama, Woody’s has its own full-time security detail with plans for a new and better fence and sea wall. Immediate future plans include live music every Saturday night from 7 to 10 p.m.

For more information go to woodysbeachbarpanama.com or email debbie21@gmail.com


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