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The Priority Villas offer high-end accommodations, perfect for large groups

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Casa del Sol, which began as a bed and breakfast for budget-conscious travelers to Las Perlas, has grown to offer an entire range of hospitality services to meet anyone’s needs. Through strategic partnerships, Casa del Sol has expanded their accommodations to include villas, apartments, lofts and houses. Their packages include vehicle rentals and owners, Anke Bruxmeier and Peter Grunwell, are happy to make arrangements for any of the tour activities that make Contadora one of the top travel destinations in the country.

The Priority Villas offer high-end accommodations, perfect for large groups

The Priority Villas offer high-end accommodations, perfect for large groups.

“We started with a one-bedroom 10 years ago,” explained Anke. “Now we are a company that provides all sorts of accommodations on Contadora.” Rates start at $70 at the B&B rooms. She adds, “We provide a B&B guest rate for vehicles, which are Kawasaki Mules.” These vehicles are included in the rates for all the other properties. Many guests consider the Mules an essential item for exploring the island.

“If you are traveling in a group, one of our properties would be appropriate,” said Anke. “We can accommodate up to 12 people in one property, but in total we can take up to 60 guests, although they would have to be divided among several locations.” Amenities include satellite WiFi and satellite TV. Outside of the B&B, the units feature state-of-the-art kitchens and washer/dryers. Most of the properties have gas BBQs.

Casa del Sol’s first-floor apartment and a second-story loft

Casa del Sol’s first-floor apartment and a second-story loft.

The latest additions to Casa del Sol portfolio are the Gemini Villas and the Priority Villas, completed in early 2015. The Gemini Villas offer a luxurious yet affordable option. With ample space, elegant modern touches and tropical art finishes, each apartment has three bedrooms, two 1/2 bathrooms and can comfortably accommodate six guests each. The Priority Villas are a compound comprising three villas and swimming pool with an additional outdoor kitchen with BBQ facilities. The shared outdoor area sets it apart, providing another great option for large parties up to six people each.

Casa Pacífica is a four-bedroom, three-bath house located in a peaceful, private area. Another house, Casa Ken, also features four bedrooms and three baths. Finished to the highest standards with luxury features, it boasts one of Contadora’s few rental properties with a swimming pool.

Rounding out the offer are a first-floor apartment and a second-story loft. Both provide high-end options perfect for up to four (apartment) and six (loft) people. The first story balcony is screened for privacy and the view towards the sea is breathtaking.

Except for Panama’s holiday season, Casa del Sol does not have a required minimum stay. Between “Fiestas Patrias” in November and Christmas and New Year in December, a two-to-five night stay is required. “In July and August, Europeans begin to arrive for their summer vacations and June through September, the whale watching season takes place,” said Anke.

Casa del Sol was recognized by TripAdvisor with a Certificate for Excellence in 2014. To learn more, contact Tel. +507 6518-8284 or visit their website,


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