Expanded Atlantic lock begins filling

The filling process continues at the expanded lock

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The filling process continues at the expanded lock

The filling process continues at the expanded lock.

On Thursday, June 11, a landmark event took place with the start of the first phase of testing of the expanded Atlantic-side Panama Canal locks, a process that will take four months to complete, beginning with filling certain chambers with water for a period of five days. As reported on Facebook.com/CanalDePanama, one of the websites operated by the Panama Canal Authority (ACP):

The progressive filling must reach, at this early stage that will span five days, a height of 2.4 meters below sea level before testing at gates seven and eight of niche number four can take place.

“Later, the process will be repeated with the rest of the gates in their respective niches until they reach 27 meters, corresponding to the level of Gatun Lake. The chamber will receive about 50 thousand cubic meters of water per hour, via five pipes of 0.90 meters in diameter. It is expected that all tests and inspections will be completed in about four months.”

Details at MiCanaldePanama.com


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