Mount Totumas: visions of a lost Eden

Mount Totumas: visions of a lost Eden

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The Mount Totumas Cloud Forest is a 400-acre reserve in the mountains above Volcan in the highlands of Chiriqui. Two brothers, Jeffrey and Michael Dietrich, both ardent naturalists, teamed up to buy their swath of forest in 2008. Both are environmental activists. Michael has worked to save ecologically-sensitive areas of the U.S. East Coast while Jeffrey, a tropical landscape expert, has worked in Latin America for 15 years.

Mount Totumas: visions of a lost Eden

At their Eden at Mount Totumas, they have built lodge accommodation for a limited number of guests who can experience the forest as an intact ecosystem on nine trails. Three lodges offer a variety of accommodations, all with electricity, hot water and Internet. In the restaurant, Chef Alma demonstrates her knowledge of Asian and European cuisine with locally grown fruits and vegetables.

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