The hospital ship, USNS Comfort, has anchored off the coast of Colón

The hospital ship, USNS Comfort

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A seagoing medical treatment facility, the USNS Comfort, has anchored off the coast of Colón since Friday, May 29. It will remain in Panama waters through Sunday, June 7, as a part of the program known as Continuing Promise 2015 (CP-15), a humanitarian civic assistance mission of the Naval Force of the United States.

The hospital ship, USNS ComfortDuring the visit, CP-15 members will work with Panamanian government staff and NGOs to provide medical and dental services at no cost to Panamanian citizens. Part of the mission involves setting up clinics that will be located at the Porfirio Melendez Education Center, the Dr. Augusto Samuel Boyd Education Center No. 2 (in San Juan) and the Benigno Jimenez Garay Institute.

The ship’s crew will also assist with renovating several medical centers and schools, and provide veterinary services.

The USNS Comfort has been used as a hospital during the years 2007, 2009 and 2011. Since 2007, the Continuing Promise medical tours and hospital ships have treated more than 25,000 patients in Panama.

For more information about medical services that are being offered, contact the regional office of the Ministry of Health at Tel. 447-3080.


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