Grand National Reforestation Day scheduled August 29 across the country

Grand National Reforestation Day

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The “Alliance for 1 Million Reforested  Hectares

In order to curb the rapid pace of environmental degradation across the country, Panama’s government announced a landmark initiative to reforest a million of the nation’s hectares in the next 20 years. The “Alliance for 1 Million Reforested Hectares” program kicks off Saturday, August 29 with the “Grand National Reforestation Day” scheduled at points across the Isthmus.

La “Alianza por el Millón de Hectáreas” concentra sus acciones en cuatro ejes:

  • Recovering degraded soils by planting trees in a manner that harmonizes with livestock production.
  • Establishing profitable plantations that yield fast-growing crops with high potential for the sawmill industry.
  • Conserving natural forests by planting trees in and around protected areas.
  • Restoring gallery forest areas to protect the country’s water supply, which currently has no forest cover.

Grand National Reforestation DayThe coordinated planting efforts are made possible by ministers of State, private enterprise, civic clubs and more than 5,000 volunteers.

Over the course of the day, around 40,000 fruit, timber and ornamental trees will be planted. The reforestation efforts will concentrate on strategic points where rapid regrowth of the forest cover is most needed, such as along river banks, in natural forest areas, groundwater recharge zones and areas set aside for forest management.

“We invite everyone to take part in the Grand National Reforestation Day and play an important role in the ‘Alliance for 1 Million Reforested Hectares’ program,” said Mirei Endara, Minister of Environment.


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