Legendary Howard Gospel Choir in free shows throughout the City

Legendary Howard Gospel Choir from prestigious Howard University

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Legendary Howard Gospel Choir

A week of gospel music

From Tuesday, August 11 to Saturday, August 15 the harmonious voices of the legendary Howard Gospel Choir, under direction of Reginald A. Golden, will fill various venues of Panama City as the group presents a series of free concerts, radio broadcast interviews and workshops. The choir hails from prestigious Howard University, the historically black college that played a key role in the Civil Rights Movement of the United States.

Howard Gospel Choir was born in 1968, and currently comprises students, alumni and members of the community, all dedicated to using music to share the Christian gospel. Spanning a four decades trajectory, the choir has nurtured many talented artists who have emerged from the folds and reached acclaim in the genre.

Legendary Howard Gospel Choir from prestigious Howard University

Modern gospel has its roots in the 1800s, when churches in the south began adopting different styles of music, included spirituals, hymns and sacred songs. These were accompanied with clapping or the beating of feet against the floor, a tradition that continues to this day.

Though certainly sacred in nature, with songs about redemption and empowerment, the genre is also the basis of popular music. An African American tradition steeped in history, it is intrinsic to the Civil Rights Movement of the U.S.

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