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Bupa Global

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Bupa Global, one of the best known medical insurance providers worldwide, is continuing its expansion in Latin America with the official opening of operations in Panama, the sixth country in the region where it operates.

Bupa Global“Bupa Global has more than 40 years of experience and is dedicated to providing clients with tranquility and relief at the time they need it the most. Nobody wants to hear no; or we do not have the equipment when your loved ones are in peril. Our clients want to decide when and where they want to be treated, in Panama or in their country of origin, or where the best medical attention is available”, said Moses Dodo, General Manager for Bupa Global Latin America.

Bupa has more than 29 million clients in 190 countries and does not have shareholders, and so invests its profits in providing better medical attention to accomplish its purpose.

Bupa Global in PanamaAccording to Dodo the main advantages of Bupa Global Health Plans are: access to medical services all over the world and the ablity to select the doctor. It also offers the option of a second opinion to guarantee the appropriate treatment. However, one of the main differences with this policy is that the maximum age of acceptance is up to 74 years old, unlike others where the maximum is 60.

Bupa is considered an international healthcare leader. The company offers medical insurance, special care homes, retirement homes, primary health centers and dental clinics. It also provides occupational health services, home care, medical assessments and long term treatment services.

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