Black comedy “Kenke” at the local cinemas

Black comedy “Kenke” at the local cinemas

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By: Rainer Tuñón C.

The debate about marijuana consumption is a taboo subject which the Panamanian black comedy “Kenke”, examines.The movies is directed by Enrique Pérez with the participation of Milko Delgado, Eric De León, Winnie Sittón, Alejandra Araúz, Nyra Soberón Torchía and the reggae-rap singer Mr. Fox.

This black comedy is about Kenny, a young marihuana addict, whose family does not accept his habit and allows his cousin Josue, a successful professional, to try to rehabilitate the youngster. However, unknown to everybody he shares the same predilection for the drug. This unleashes a crusade to demystify social matters that have double standards.

Black comedy “Kenke” at the local cinemas“Kenke” is a comedy produced by a collective called “Mente Pública”, in collaboration with Best Picture System, and was the only Panamanian movie to compete in contest “Primera Mirada”, that took place during the last Panama International Film Festival (IFF Panama).

Enrique Pérez, the brains behind the project, said that the movie was filmed in a very special environment, with locations around Panama City, surrounded by friends and contributors whose support made the film become a reality.

“It is always difficult to make a film. There are many things to take into account to make a production and it is even more difficult without financial support,” said Pérez.

Talking about the film, the economist, Juan Jovane, who was one of the production team advisors, said that the term “kenke” was very well known in the 50s, when the use of this drug was heavily persecuted by the police.

Jovane added that is necessary to promote a serious discussion about taboos and talk frankly about them.

Kenke will be exhibited at the local cinemas from September 10.


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