International cowboy showdown at the Carew

Cowboys battle to become Extreme Rodeo Champion

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The first edition of the Extreme American Rodeo, the lasso and cattle wrangling competition which separates men from boys, will take place on Saturday 26 and Sunday, September 27 at the Rod Carew National Stadium, in Panama City. The Panama National Cowboy team will face off against contestants from the United States, Mexico, Brazil, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Venezuela and Colombia.

Cowboys battle to become Extreme Rodeo Champion

Cowboys battle to become Extreme Rodeo Champion.

This event will give Panamanians the opportunity to see cattle wrangling at its best, a spectacle for the whole family. On Saturday 26, the classification trials will take place, and those Panamanian riders who make the mark will have the chance to face the international stars in the different categories that include: confinement of livestock, coleus, Panama lazo and Manea, couples lazo, barrel racing and American-style mount.

The Rod Carew Stadium has been modified for the event with a 40 x 26 meter rodeo track covering the grass of the venue.

Tickets are for sale at all the MasMovil shops and, from $8 and up and doors open at 8 a.m. on Saturday and at 11 a.m. on Sunday.


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