Mega production at the Balboa Theater

Acis & Galatea

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The Balboa Theater will be the venue of an ambitious national production of Handel’s opera,” Acis & Galatea”, on Tuesday, 22 and Wednesday, September 23, with a cast of more than 100 people, and the participation of distinguished international artists such as Dashon Burton, Grammy winner in 2013 for the best chamber music.

The Balboa Theater

Linh Kauffman (soprano)

Linh Kauffman (soprano).

The production has been put together by Antiqva, an opera and atelier boutique company, dedicated to Baroque music, with instruments of the period. They produce high quality events, accessible to everybody, to help Panama’s cultural development.

Fernando Bustos (contratenor)

Fernando Bustos (contratenor).

Rodrigo Esquivel, Antiqva general producer explained, “Our intention is to give the public a sensory musical experience that will transform them.”

“Acis y Galatea” is a work originally conceived as a one act masquerade and debuted in 1718. It is believed that it first director was its own composer, Händel. This composition was the pinnacle of pastoral opera in England.

Graciela Saavedra (soprano)

Graciela Saavedra (soprano).

Several writers, like the musicologist Stanley Sadie consider it the best pastoral opera ever written. As is typical in this genre, “Acis y Galatea” was composed to entertain courtesans with its story of rural life, while containing, at the same time, a significant amount of ingenuity and parody.

Performances start at 8:30 p.m. and tickets are for sale at They cost between $15 to $55. For more information visit


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