Renacimiento and its undiscovered beauty

Cabello de Angel fall

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By Milagros Sánchez Pinzón

The district of Renacimiento, located in the northwestern highlands of the Chiriqui province, is famous for its high agricultural productivity, rivers and falls that make it into the ideal place for extreme sports lovers and for those who are seeking to get back to nature.

Cabello de Angel fall

Cabello de Angel fall.

The most spectacular wonder of nature in the area lies on Rio Sereno, 110 kilometers from David. There, in Breñon town, is a 45 meter high waterfall known as “Angel Hair” (Cabellos de Angel) and nearby there are other smaller but no less beautiful falls.

The falls of Escalera, Olguita and Valeria (named after the rebel Indian, who fell to her death there while fleeing her Latin persecutors) also worth a visit.

The adjacent lands, with their imposing waterfalls belong to the brothers Camilo and Jose Castillo. Camilo said that in the 26 years he has lived there less than fifty people have visited the place to swim or look at the Angel Hair waterfall so this is virtually unexplored territory waiting for those looking for an extraordinary experience This area was colonized less than 50 years ago and has not been commercialy exploited.


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