The Best Hospitals in Panama City

Lobbby of the San Fernando Hospital

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The healthcare system in Panama is very good with less than half the costs compared to European and North American hospitals.

There are four large hospitals in Panama City affiliated to respected U.S. medical hospitals.

Hospital Punta Pacifica: This hospital is newer than the other three hospitals. It is considered the most technically advanced hospital in all of Latin America. Their diagnostic equipment is state of the art. They use advanced videoconferencing, where authorized doctors around the world can watch surgeries and analyze patient data. This is the only hospital in all of Latin America and the Caribbean affiliated with Johns Hopkins Medical Center, rated the Number One hospital in the United States.

Centro Medico Paitilla: This hospital affiliates with the Cleveland Clinic. The two hospitals have held joint annual conferences in Panama for the past ten years. This hospital boasts Panama’s best-known Oncology Unit.

Hospital Nacional: This hospital is administered by the American Hospital Management Company, which affiliates with the Kendall Medical Center in Florida and the University of Nebraska Medical Center.

Lobbby of the San Fernando Hospital

Lobbby of the San Fernando Hospital.

Clinica Hospital San Fernando: This hospital has an “international office” helping foreigners unfamiliar with Spanish. The San Fernando Hospital affiliates with three respectable U.S. hospitals: Miami Children’s Hospital, Baptist Health International of Miami, and Tulane University Health Services Center.

Many medical doctors in Panama were trained in the U.S. and speak English.

Panama has private health insurance companies offering lower premiums than in the U.S. While starting as low as $35 per month for minimal coverage, these companies offer sliding scale plans covering up to 100% of the surgery, hospitalization, medicines, and therapy.

In addition, many hospitals, including Hospital San Fernando, offer their own hospitalization plans as an alternative to medical insurance


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