Dule Orchestra in concert

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By Howard Walker

The audience at Teatro Anita Villalaz will have the opportunity to hear the first major public concert given by Orquesta Dule. Formed by members of Panama’s artistic Guna community, the orchestra’s goal is to build on the musical heritage of the Guna culture, share it with others and also coincidentally acquaint them with some of the traditional instruments, expertly made in local communities which make their musical expression so distinctive. The event will take place on Thursday, October 15.

Concert organizer, Ana Iguandili

Concert organizer, Ana Iguandili.

The creation of this orchestra was given impetus earlier in the year by the 3rd.annual Festival de Arte Dule which revealed the rich contribution indigenous visual arts and crafts are making to the national culture. Enthused by its success, in musical counterpoint, ballerina Ana Iguandili and maestro/composer Marden Paniza (orchestra director) caught the vision and with others have assembled the present group of close to 30 accomplished Guna musicians

The concert will feature performances of flute, gammu, and keyboard music by its composers including Eulogio Benitez (orchestra sub-director), Marden Paniza and Carlos Miseliz. In contrast, a children’s choir will add youthful voices in a selection of original songs. Other compositions are orchestral arrangements of traditional Guna music in fusion with contemporary interpretations. In reflection of this meeting of musical genres most of the instruments in Orquesta Dule are also those to be found in other ensembles.

While enjoying an evening of talent and artistry, it will be interesting for us to see how the performers are embracing Guna tradition, keeping it firmly within the centre of their art and at the same time reaching for a new creativity with joyful sound beyond familiar bounds.

The event is sponsored by INAC, El Taller Gwiled and la Comunidad de Artistas Kunas. The program organizer is Ana Iguandili; it starts at 8 p.m. Donations $10.

For more information call Tel. 501-4000


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