Agrotourism, a different way to get to know Panama

Finca Lerida

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Wake up to the aroma of freshly brewed coffee and homemade bread, on the slopes of the Baru Volcano, the shores of Lake Bayano or immersed in the woods of Panama’s central mountains. These are some of
the unforgettable moments you can experience by exploring the country in a different way through its farmers and its plantations.

Agrotourism farms have a lot to offer visitors; organic food, places of incredible beauty, contact with animals and the opportunity to observe and participate in farm life.

The following are just a few of the agrotourism farms, where you can discover Panama through its people, customs and landscapes:

Finca Lerida

Finca Lerida.

Finca Lerida

Finca Lerida, located in Altos de Boquete in the province of Chiriqui, is surrounded by a tropical forest.  Here, visitors can enjoy great facilities, taste the exquisite cuisine and take part in activities such as hiking and bird watching. This farm is famous for its Coffee Tour, where visitors can witness the coffee harvest process, visit the coffee plantation, see the coffee production all the way from ripe coffee cherry to roasted bean. For more information visit

Rancho Hato Viejo

Located in Coclé province, an hour and a half away from Panama City, this ranch is part of Hato Viejo Boutique Resort & Spa. Visitors can experience farm life with activities such as milking cows, feeding calves and admiring the garden with its different varieties of orchids and palms. The tour lasts two to three hours and takes place every Saturday and Sunday. Visit

Finca La Briyeka

The Briyeka in La Negrita, Penonomé, Cocle province, is the ideal place to help build the traditional mud houses with local farmers. The farm also offers activities such as hiking, tours to a sugarcane mill, visits to the trenches where Victoriano Lorenzo, a guerrilla leader, fought the Spaniards during the War of Independence.The day is rounded off with a swim in the refreshing waters of the Rio Zaratí.  For more information call Tel .: (507) 6778-2758

Granjita Alternativa

True to its name, this farm offers different agrotourism packages. You call interact with animals, experience adventure activities such as team building exercises, zipline, horse riding and canoe tours. The farm is located in Coclesito, Colón Province.

La Isleta

La Isleta, is a farm with a long family history. The Castrellon family, originally from Pontevedra Spain, has bred  Andalusian cattle since colonial times. Among the activities offered are hiking, horse riding, bird watching, fishing and other water sports. There is an excellent restaurant on the premises. Visit

Milking cows is one of the activities visitors can experience

Milking cows is one of the activities visitors can experience.

Hacienda El Eden

The Hacienda El Eden has many attractions in a family atmosphere. There are orchards, livestock production, where visitors can learn the process of milk production and animal husbandry. They also offer activities such as milking cows, feeding calves, visiting the grazing area, horse riding, traditional Panamanian lunches and much more. Hacienda El Eden is located in the village of Las Cabras, Herrera province. For more information call (507) 6448-3413

El Paraíso de Tina Mama

Tina Mama Paradise in Paris, Parita, Herrera Province, is an estate with a beautiful thatched house, where visitors can milk ows, ride horses, make molasses, sugarcane juice, bake breads and prepare candies in clay ovens.  For reservations call Tel: 507 996-6912 / 6642-0929.

Verba Odrec

Located 30 minutes from Panama City in La Chorrera, is Verba Odrec, a pineapple plantation. The owners offer tours from December to April to see the harvest process, and other agro-tourism activities. For more information call Tel .: (507) 6130-0832 / 6029-5906.

Finca La Leona

This farm is located in the Iturralde Village, La Chorrera. It has timber trees, orchards, domestic animals and cattle. The farm offers tourists the opportunity to participate  in such activities as collecting honey, horse riding, milking cows and feeding the birds. There are two cabins with room for seven people each, with panoramic views. Call Tel. (507) 244-9093 / 6674-9093

Hiking with the Bayano Adventure Panama

Hiking with the Bayano Adventure Panama.

Panama Bayano Adventure

This is a stunning place for outdoor sports and agricultural activities such as kayaking, horse riding, biking, hiking and camping. Those who visit Bayano Adventure can take tours to San Blas, explore caves, sail on Lake Bayano and the nearby rivers. Bayano Adventure is located approximately 90 minutes from Panama City, in Cañitas, Chepo. For more information call Tel. (507) 396-1176 / (507) 203-6252

Finca Villamen

Finca Villamen, located in the plains of Ocú, is dedicated to the harvest of Taiwanese guavas, rearing livestock, and also has a cozy lodging. Horse riding, picking fruit and tours of the lake are all on offer. Call Tel. (507) 6616-9367

Planting vegetables at an agrotourism farm

Planting vegetables at an agrotourism farm.

Sitio Barriles

Located just 6 kilometers from Volcan in the Chiriqui highlands, Sitio Barriles is a thematic garden where petroglyphs carved by the region’s ancient inhabitants can be found. The Landau-Houx family, owners of the farm, have constructed  a small museum where artifacts discovered on their land are displayed. Visitors can also participate in the daily tasks of the farm. For more information write to write or call (507) 580-8008, 592-5397


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