Be careful what you buy

Bargain season is here again with Black Friday

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The bargain season is here again with Black Friday, which will take place on Friday, November 27. However, customers should be careful not to be tempted by purchasing articles they do not need. That is the advice of MasterCard and the Consumer Protection Authority, who have given a series of recommendations you should follow, before buying anything.

Bargain season is here again with Black FridayFirst of all make a list of the items you want to buy a few weeks in advance. The aim is to determine what products you are going to purchase. You must consider the end of the year expenses and what is a priority – perhaps buying Christmas presents or indulging in life’s little luxuries without hitting your finances too hard.

Those who have already cashed in their Christmas savings should plan how they are going to be distributed. It is advisable to set aside money for debt payments and purchases that will contribute to improving the quality of life.

Compare prices and quality in the different shops a few days before the sales start, to verify if there are true savings to be made, taking into account the discounts or if it is better to find a better option and not waste time.

It is advisable not to duplicate or triplicate purchases, just because the item is on sale, otherwise you will probably turn out paying more than the regular price.

Also look for online and offline prices as many electronic shops have promotions. It is important to analyze shipping costs, return policy and additional costs.

Effective use of credit cards

If you are going to use credit or a credit card for the purchase, make sure that you can pay the debt. Bear in mind the cut out and payment days, to plan the expense and the payment of it, correctly.

Carrying the debt for months could negate the discounts with the interest on the payments.

Avoid unnecessary debtsIn addition to this, the articles acquired should have a useful life longer than the period of time you will be paying for it. Also it is indispensable to know how many items you bought using credit.

The Consumer Protection Authority (ACODECO) recommends that consumers get information about the offers and the difference between the regular and discount price.

It is important for the consumers to know if discount, on sale or promotion items have the same guarantee as regular goods. If it is a flawed article the shop should inform the consumer.

Black Friday officially starts the end-of-year shopping season, a period where consumers can take advantage of offers and selected discount merchandise in all the malls of the country.


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