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Batuteras en Taboga

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On November 3rd, Panama celebrates its separation from Colombia. For many Panamanians it is a day off, but for others the day is steeped in local culture.

On Isla Taboga, as on other islands, November 3rd and 4th are full of activities. Observing traditional “Dias Patrios” festivities and fiestas on an island, often feels more authentic than the more structured and organized city events.

The parades give tourists the opportunity to watch local children displaying their musical, marching and dancing abilities. Several islands in Panama will host colorful celebrations.

Many Panamanian children and young people practice long and hard to be in parades, marching or as part of a band. Their parents buy or make elaborate uniforms that will only be used for a few days during the celebrations.

Majorettes in Taboga

Majorettes in Taboga.

Program for National Holiday in Taboga, November 3rd, and 4th

  1. Dianas (opening music ceremony) by a musical group from Chepo at 12:00 midnight on Tuesday, November 3. Plaza del Carmen.
  2. Te Deum (mass) in honor of Panama, 7:30 a.m. in the San Pedro Parish of Taboga.
  3. Parades (Participants: Benjamin Quintero School students, district officials and special guests at 9:00 am.
  4. Special Lunch by the Municipality of Taboga: Sancocho (typical Panama chicken soup with rice) and refreshments.
  5. Presentation by the Rivas Traditional Folkloric Dance.
  6. Presentation by the young accordionist Alexander Boutet.
  7. Presentation of the Plaque honoring young Alexander Boutet by the City of Taboga and Community Council.

On Isla Taboga, the closest island to Panama City, the new ferry will make it easier this year for people to come to the island, where they can see the parade and enjoy a day at the beach.

“The free chicken soup laid on by the Municipality is something enjoyed very much by the locals and when you’ve had enough of the drum bands, you can rent an umbrella in front of a local café and go for a swim or eat fresh fish,” said Cynthia Mulder, owner of Calaloo Café and the Cerritos B&B hotel on Isla Taboga.

Taboga is an island where you can relax, but still be able to experience the local culture in a very friendly and safe community.

The Taboga Express is a brand new and fast ferry that makes the trip in 30 minutes or less from the Balboa Yacht Club on Amador Causeway. It departs five times a day, seven days a week.

The round trip fare from Panama City to Taboga is $16 (introductory offer).

For more information contact Tabogaexpress.com


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