More Black Fridays to boost tourism

More Black Fridays to boost tourism

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Black  Friday  in  Panama  has become an important date not only  for  local  shoppers,  but  also for  foreigners.  This  year  “Black Friday” falls on November 27 and the  stores  are  preparing  themselves  for  the  biggest  shopping day of the year. Panama Tourism Minister,  Gustavo  Him,  said  that everything is ready and he is even analyzing the idea of establishing other Black Fridays in the future.

The Minister said that the idea is for these sales not only to take place  in  November,  but  in  other months  as  well,  transforming Panama into a shopping destination which exploits mall tourism.

More Black Fridays to boost tourism

Every year visitors from countries  like  Ecuador  and  Colombia  come  to  Panama  to  do  their shopping for the end of the year festivities. Their arrival affects the hospitality sector positively.

According  to  Him,  the  country’s  growth  along  with  the  projects  that  have  been  carried  out, such as Black Friday and the national  festivities  will  attract  more visitors  and  increase  hotel  occupation.

“In  the  month  of  November alone,  with  the  national  holidays and Black Friday, around 50,000 visitors  are  expected.  We  are almost  sure  that  this  year  the number of tourists coming to the country will increase significantly, helping   hotel  occupancy  that has  been  low  over  the  last  few months,” said Him.

The  Minister  said  that  currently  they  are  analyzing  dates for other Black Fridays, “First we have to determine which are the low season months, because during   those  periods  shops  have special promotions,” he added.


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