Thanksgiving for poor communities in Chiriqui

Las familias pobres se benefician con las donaciones de Buenos Vecinos de Boquete

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This Thanksgiving more families will have staple foods thanks to the program “Good Neighbors of Boquete”. This group of volunteers, who have grown in Chiriqui are giving away non perishable food to more than 120 families and the most benefitted are old and people with discapacities.

Poor families benefit from the Buenos Vecinos de Boquete donations

Poor families benefit from the Buenos Vecinos de Boquete donations.

There are staple foods recommended by nutritionists such as rice, beans, flour, pasta, salt, canned food and powder milk. These products are bought every month at the local markets to be packed and delivered to the different families. Most of the food is given directly to the Alto Boquete People with Discapacities Foundation.

The generosity of many has made it possible to collect funds to buy food for a year for these 120 families. The cost of financing food for a year per family is $360. The donations come from members of the community.

For more information call Louise Orr 6770 3678, Gail Cody 6670 9136 or visit


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