Chorcha: the Angel Fall of Chiriqui

Quebrada Las Vueltas.

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By: Milagros Sánchez Pinzón

One of most spectacular formations of the Chiriqui province is the Chorcha Plateau that reaches heights of 494 meters above sea level.

Quebrada Las Vueltas.

Quebrada Las Vueltas.

It is also known as the “Gran Galera de Chorcha” (Great Galley). This volcanic tableland is located in the mid-south region of Chiriqui, on the borders of the districts of Gualaca, David and San Lorenzo.

It has a surface of 11 square kilometers and from its summit marshes, mangroves and the Garrote, Horconcitos, Ajo, Corrales and Piro estuaries can be seen.

Four brooks emerge from the Chorcha summit, two of them form impressive waterfalls. The biggest one has a fall of between 100 and 150 meters. It can be seen from the Panamerican highway and is created by by Quebrada Las Vueltas. The other waterfall, measures 60 meters approximately and is formed by Quebrada El Chorro.

Trekkers who love tropical forests and changing views, can walk to the top of Chorcha. The trip takes around an hour and a half. While climbing it is pleasant to stop several times to appreciate the formidable panoramic views of the Pacific coast and listen to the howling monkeys and other species that are common in the “corotu” trees.

The brave ones can take a “natural jacuzzi” at the Quebrada Las Vueltas, before the water comes down for dozens of meter until it reaches the foot of the plateau, which is covered with lush vegetation.


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